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AU Ho Lam, Suzanne was born in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme co-presented by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Australia and Hong Kong Art School. She is a ceramist and a spiritual healer, through the ceramics creation process to manifest the expression of the human power and reveal ceramic’s own contemporary uniqueness and the spirit of art.  

Suzanne’s creativity integrates ceramics, crafts and materials as the minimal state between nature and human. Since 2014 she has developed unique techniques and the special visualization on ceramics. She
 has been invited to participate in International Ceramics Symposiums in Romania, Turkey and Latvia. Her artworks have been selected by Cluj Ceramics  Biennale 2017, 2019, the International Ceramics  Triennial  UNICUM  2018, Vasyl Krychevsky Biennale of Art Ceramics 2019 and in private and international museum collections. She was a member in the “New Horizons of Local Ceramic Art in Hong Kong” and a current member of the Lai Chi Wo “On Earth Art Project” art education project.


2019      On earth Ceramics Festival, Jockey Club Creative Arts Center, Hong Kong.
2019     Lai Chi Wo Art Project Exhibition, 52 Lai Chi wo Village, Hong Kong.
2019      The 13th International Small Form Porcelain Exhibition "Brain Fitness", The Riga Porcelain museum, Latvia.
2019      Cluj Ceramics Biennale, Museum of Art, Cluj - Napoca, Romaina.
2019      CICA Ceramic Art Exhibition, Gimpo, South Korea
2019      Vasyl Krychevsky Biennale of Art Ceramics, Ukraine 
2019      The10th Edition of the International Symposium on Visual Arts, HUMAn, Cucuteni, Romania. 
2019      CERAMIC LABORATORY, 7th International Ceramic Art Symposium, Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils,  Latvia.
2019      "SpectrUM", Luznavas Muiza, Latvia.
2019      "Just Porcelain"  Ceramic Creative Studio, Kiev, Ukraine.
2019      "Essence" Japan and Hong Kong Ceramics Exhibition. Hong Kong.
2019      "Touched by Romance”, Tai Kwun, Centre for Heritage and Arts, Hong Kong.
2018      "Factory Forward" Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong.          
2018       The 5th International Mehmet Nuri Gori Gocen, Double Tree Hilton, Kusadasi, Turkey.
2018      “Drops”, The gallery of modern arts, Trg Veljka Dugosevica £0 Kucevo, Republic of Serbia.
2018        Fine Art Asia, Prophecy of Contemporary Ceramics, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
2018      "Simpozion Liter(r)a", Museum Stefan Jager, Jimbolia, Romaina.
2018      “Somewhere Out There”, Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong.
2018        UNICUM International Ceramics Triennial . The National Museum of Slovenia.
2018        MICAS, Country Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, Baia mare, Romaina.
2017        Cluj Ceramics Biennale, Museum of Art, Cluj - Napoca, Romaina.
2017       “Reverie”, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduation Exhibition, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Centre.
2017       “Art for Space / Space for Art?” Hong Kong Alumni Exhibition. Hong Kong.
2016       “We We”, Decongestants for West-Kowloonization, C&G Apartment, Hong Kong.
2016       “As the leaves fall”, 1a space, Hong Kong. Group Exhibition.
2016       “Photomics” + “Ceragraphy”, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong.
2016       “Ash Dance”, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong .
2015       “Though Art, We Grow”, Hong Kong Art School Alumni Exhibition, Hong Kong.
2014       “Attempt”, Unit Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Center, Hong Kong.
2014        Graduation Show case, Higher Diploma in Fine Art of Hong Kong Art School.
2014       “Conception And Perception”, Hong Kong Art School Alumni Echibition, Hong Kong.
2013        尋常 , The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong.
2013       “Craftopia”, Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

2012       “WE ARE”, Graduation Showcase - Foundation Diploma in Visual Art of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong.


2017       Giant Year Gallery Award 2017, Giant Year Gallery, Hong Kong.
2015       Giant Year Gallery Award 2015, Giant Year Gallery, Hong Kong.
2013       Ms Poon Sau Kuen Scholarship, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong.
2013       Reaching Out Award, Education Bureau’s Self Financing Post-Secondary Scholarship Scheme,Hong Kong.

2012       Best Graduation Work of Foundation Diploma in Visual Art, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong.


2019       Retreat & Relax - a getaway from the city bustle with Hong Kong Art School / Workshop
2018      "Factory Forward" Ceramics Cultural Exchange Sharing, JCCAC, Hong Kong / Speaker                
2018       The 5th International Mehmet Nuri Gori Gocen Ceramic Workshop Symposium, Kusadasi, Turkey / Participator
2018       Symposium International De Arta, Jimbolia, Romaina. / Participator
2018       Oradea City Museum Union, Romania Cultural Complex Oradea Branch Collaboration / Speaker
2018       Maramures International Ceramics Art Symposium, Baia mare, Romaina. / Participator
2017      “Art In Touch”, Alumni Sharing @ Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Centre / Speaker
2017       ‘Art for Space / Space for Art?” Hong Kong Art School Alumni Exhibition. HK / Speaker
2016       Symposium On Development Of Arts Education, HK / Exhibit art works
2015       Exchange program with Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japan.
2014       Hong Kong Art School Alumni with Ceramics Major Art Projects, HK. Research and transcription team
2014       “Twin Peaks”, Hong Kong Contemporary Photography, Hong Kong Heritage Museum./ Project Manager
2014       “Work for livelihood, Burma”. / Project team

2013        Panelist, sharing session at Info Expo 2013, Education Bureau, HK / Speaker

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