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“Photomics” + “Ceragraphy” 2016, Hong Kong

陶攝.掏阝聶 泥土和光在自然界中擔當着重要的角色, 這兩項正是陶瓷和攝影的主要元素, 初接觸時會被其觸感或表象所吸引, 攝人之處彷彿掏手可得。
八位來自香港藝術學院陶瓷系及攝影系的學生和畢業生, 對自然有不同的探索方向: 從五行、循環、平衡、生命,以至農業和生活的認知等等。 從怎樣理解自然、獲得什麼啟發,繼而思考何為自然。
是次展覽分為兩部分,創作人會先以自己擅長之媒介進行創作, 及後再加入其他媒介,混合泥土和光這兩個元素, 透過作品呈現出各自對自然獨特的切入點及觀點,表達自身與自然的關係。

Soil and sunlight have an important role in our world, they are also the main constituents in ceramics and photography. Attracted by their appearance and seduced by the sensory feelings, their abilities to capture the moment and motion effortlessly.
A group of eight ceramics and photography students and graduates from Hong Kong Art School, set out to explore the different aspects of the natural world, spanning from five elements, circulation, equilibrium, life, agriculture and knowledge of living. Drawing inspirations from nature, to appreciate and develop a functional understanding of nature.
The exhibition is structured in two parts, with each artist creating artworks using their own familiar medium and specialized skills. Follow by…